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Hongsi Lighting

Shanghai Hongsi Lighting Technology Co., Ltd has been focusing on manufacturing high class level interior decorative lamps for 6 years.Located in "capital of lighting"-Henglan town,zhongshan city,Guangdong provience,China.
HOS Lighting major products are LED indoor lamps, such as pendant lamp, ceiling lamp, wall lamp, children lamp and desk lamp,crystal,glass, metal,copper,acrylic,wood etc. All of our lamps are produced under strict quality control and meet international quality standards, complying with with electrical certifications in all countries. And our products has been sold to Europe , America, South Africa, Middle east, Australia, southern Asia , etc.

HOS Lighting advocate "Natural, Healthy, Perfect" lifestyle design style, romantic, rich, composed, elegant color, to finish off a living room layout, or simply add gorgeous lighting to a dining area that makes it feel more inviting.

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